MACH LED PLUS.seventy is the ideal upgrade from fluorescent tube lights to LED linear machine lighting. Its highly efficient LED technology offers at least 60,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Six lengths and output levels allow you to customize according to lighting needs and space availability. MACH LED PLUS.seventy was designed as a high-tech transition from fluorescent tube luminaires and fits easily into existing brackets and mounting options. Flexible adapter options and the M12 plug connection ensure fast and easy integration as well. There is no doubt that MACH LED PLUS is considered one of the most sustainable machine luminaires on the market today.

  • Designed as a simple replacement for classic fluorescent tube lights
  • Sealed IP67 Rated – highly resistant to coolants and lubricants
  • Up to 70% energy savings in comparison to luminaires with fluorescent lamps 
  • 60,000 hour maintenance-free LED light source
  • Specially designed optics for optimum light direction and higher efficiency

*Brackets sold separately – see Accessories

  • Six lengths to accommodate any machine configuration
  • Adjustable light direction with various brackets available (see Accessories)
  • 24V or 100-240V with convenient M12 plug connector and cord (included)
  • Robust anodized aluminum housing and 4mm safety glass
  • ETL /cETL approved


IP67 stands for “Ingress Protection 67.” It is a standard rating that indicates the level of protection an electronic device or enclosure offers against the intrusion of solid particles (like dust) and liquids (such as water). The IP rating is followed by two numbers:

First Digit (6):

This digit represents the level of protection against solid particles. The “6” indicates that the device is dust-tight, meaning it offers complete protection against the entry of dust or other solid particles.

Second Digit (7):

This digit represents the level of protection against liquids. The “7” indicates that the device is capable of withstanding immersion in water up to 1 meter (about 3.3 feet) deep for at least 30 minutes without any harmful effects.

IP67-rated machine light is completely dust-tight and can be submerged in water for a limited time without being damaged. This rating is often used for devices that need to operate in challenging environments or conditions where exposure to dust and water is a concern. 


MACH LED PLUS.seventy is well-suited for use with packaging machines, metal cutting machines, automation machinery, and other applications with potential hazards.

 – Further Variants – 

industrial surface mount lighting - Mach LED Plus.Forty
MACH LED PLUS.seventy with side mount