Medical Lighting

Visual Timing Light


It is well known that the benefits of light go beyond just helping us see and creating a pleasant atmosphere within a space. Now, scientific research has shown that natural light also positively affects our biological health and well-being.

By simulating the environment‘s 24-hour light cycle, the Visual Timing Lighting system by Derungs, replicates natural daylight and provides residents visual comfort by regulating their natural circadian rhythms. Each scenario can be customized by having a special adjustment of light color and intensity to provide the most pleasant lighting.

The internal clock

Although our biological clocks are genetically preset to compensate for the 24-hour cycle, it must be re-synchronized daily through exposure to daylight or artificial light designed to replicate daylight. Hormone levels of Melatonin, Cortisol and Serotonin, all crucial elements in keeping our systems in balance. If exposure to daylight is missing, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and/or depression may soon follow.

Biologically effective light

When trying to mimic the effects of natural light, the lighting system should follow similar parameters to nature. As in nature, the main illumination should originate from a large source area light. The combination of direct and indirect light sources produces an “artificial sky light”. Ideally, the wall and ceiling light blend smoothly, giving the environment a soft, natural feel. 

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