Industrial Lighting

Lighting for Automated Manufacturing

Automation has drastically changed the look and feel of the today’s manufacturing environments. Automated cells are operating at a speed and level of reliability that could only be imagined in years’ past. High-intensity lighting is needed to illuminate conveyor lines, vision inspection systems and countless automated scenarios. Waldmann has continually led the way in lighting these amazing and impressive automated environments.

industrial surface mount lighting - Linura.Edge surface mount light
industrial surface mount lighting - Linura.Maxx Machine Surface Mount Light
industrial surface mount lighting - Linura.Edge RGB
linura.edge rgb
industrial surface mount lighting - Linura.Edge Yellow
linura.edge yellow
industrial surface mount lighting - Acuria machine light
mach led plus.forty
mach led plus.forty RGB+W
mach led plus.seventy
rl70le 122-277V, ac
rl70le 22-26V, DC
Industrial Surface Mount Lighting - Slim LED
slim led
flat led
workbench overhead lights - WLA workbench overhead light
slim led 2.0