Architectural Lighting

Product Overview

task lighting
suspended lighting
wall-mounted lighitng
recessed / surface-mounted
Freestanding & desk-mount
poe lighting

Effective, ergonomic-friendly lighting plays a crucial role in any type of workplace. When designing a work space, fixtures that are ceiling mounted, suspended or attached to furniture, as well as  desk/task lights, should work together to create a comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes ambiance. It’s also important that the work environment be flexible – able to adjust to different people or circumstances in order to meet individuals’ needs, or if a work space changes over the years.

Waldmann Lighting has been at the forefront in designing fixtures as well as using today’s ever-changing technology to access data via software to control dimming, timing, sensors, light color, and daylight harvesting automatically. Waldmann’s LUM CONNECT VTL, biodynamic light control, that mimics the changes in sunlight that occur throughout the course of the day, can also be implemented with these fixtures. Look for the VTL logo to learn more about LUM CONNECT and what we can do with lighting!