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Smart Office Lighting - LUM Connect Management

LUM CONNECT – Smart office lighting management 

Lighting is typically planned according to how people work and what they need at the workplace. And yet, it is not unusual for the largest factor in wasted energy costs to be due to lighting empty offices, corridors and lobbies – whatever the time of day or night. With the focus on energy savings so prevalent today, Waldmann has developed the smart office lighting management system, which uses presence detectors and daylight sensor systems at a whole new level.

HFMD (High Frequency Motion Detection) 

The HFMD sensor system developed by Waldmann is unique. This innovative, highly sensitive system detects even the smallest movement within a definable area. Accordingly, the luminaires switch on and off when movement is sensed, either when someone enters or leaves the area.  Furthermore, the amount of lighting is adjusted based on the level of daylight. The energy consumption of individual luminaires can be reduced by up to 50% in this way when compared to the installed output. This system can be combined with LUM CONNECT VTL and LUM CONNECT TALK for convenience, ergonomic comfort and energy efficiency.

Download the LUM CONNECT Brochure – click here