Industrial Lighting

Machine Tube Lights

Waldmann’s machine tube luminaires have traditionally been a reliable component of the machine tool industry. Designed and constructed to resist coolants, lubricants, and flying debris present inside machines, there is a wide range of lengths, tube materials and light output – easily customized to the space available inside the machine. Now, with new LED technology entering the lighting arena, Waldmann has many options that are a seamless replacement to the tried-and-true fluorescent tube lights used in the past and currently in many industrial machines around the globe. With several lengths available, as with many tube lights, it’s easy to replace light for light without changing out bracket in any machine shop lighting fixture.

mach led plus.forty
mach led plus.forty RGB+W
mach led plus.seventy
mach led plus.seventy (side mount)
rl70le 22-26V, DC
rl70le 122-277V, ac