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Network Connected Lighting

Power Over Ethernet Lighting

Power over Ethernet
Network Connected Lighting – Molex CoreSync

What is PoE Lighting?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting systems are smart lighting. A PoE lighting system provides both electric power and data connection to light fixtures through the use of a single standard Cat 5/6 cable. They improve control over light quality, lower energy bills, and substantially lengthen bulb life. Dimming, timing, sensors, lighting colors, and daylight harvesting can all be controlled for maximum comfort, utilizing software. A PoE lighting platform and its fixtures use Ethernet cables to power lights (luminaires) and transmit data between the luminaire and the control software. The light fixtures act as smart hubs on the network sending information back to the software for optimizing energy efficiency through the tracking of energy usage, fixture life expectancy and maintenance needs. They may also collect data, using motion sensors to detect the presence of people and signal networks to turn off when not in use. 

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