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Waldmann certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 since 2012

We attach great importance to sustainability. This commitment includes active certified environmental management. This is why we do our utmost to achieve high energy efficiency not only by using the latest LED technology in our luminaires, but also during production and limit the use of harmful substances wherever possible. Recycling also pays a key role both during production and for our products. We are thus one of the few luminaire manufacturers to offer cradle-to-cradle certification. 

You also benefit economically from our sustainability efforts: our energy-efficient luminaires reduce your costs, they have a long useful life and are low-maintenance.

Sustainability at Waldmann

  • We comply with all statutory environmental/energy law regulations; an energy audit to DIN 16247 was already conducted in 2015. 
  • We train energy scouts who support our continuous energy efficiency improvement process. 
  • Certified environmental management to DIN ISO 14001. 
  • High product quality, long service life, low maintenance requirements. 
  • First cradle-to-cradle product certificates. 
  • Compliance with DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) and Minergie requirements. 
  • Lighting in line with demand.

Sustainability in figures

  • We improve our environmental performance every year by implementing various energy and environmentally relevant targets:
  1. We have reduced our paper consumption in recent years by around 25%. 
  2. The GOGREEN programme compensates for CO² emissions produced when sending letters. The compensation is done via internationally recognised climate protection projects that we are participating in. Waldmann makes compensation for a total of 2.11 t of its CO² e emissions. 
  3. Despite increasing turnover our electricity consumption has decreased by more than 10% since 2012. 
  4. Alone the change to more energy-efficient vehicles has reduced the per km carbon footprint of the Waldmann fleet by more than 10%. 
  5. Changeover to LED lighting across production.
  6. Around 25 improvement suggestions on the subject of sustainability are implemented every year via the Waldmann suggestion system.  
  • Thanks to the installation of two CHP stations and a photovoltaic plant, we generate around 30% of our own energy needs. 
  • Waldmann does not use any hazardous substances; all hazardous substances are subjected to regular substitution testing. 
  • Our resource-friendly approach is demonstrated by the fact that our waste recycling quota has now reached 92% and is still rising.

Sustainability promoted by developing sustainable products

  • Sustainable design that benefits the user. Timeless and modern.  
  • Long product life and suitability for use.
  • Environmentally friendly material selection and surface treatment. 
  • Our products save energy! 
  • More than 100 lumen/watt required for new developments. 
  • The usage phase of a luminaire is far more relevant in terms of energy consumption than its production, since retrofitting free-standing luminaires with our LED lighting solutions can reduce energy consumption, for example by up to 55%.