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Senior Care

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Senior living resident room lighting should create an inviting and safe environment helping seniors to manage their daily routines more independently. Feelings of insecurity and anxiety from fear of falling often exist. Adequate facility lighting provides the key to maximizing self-sufficient, accident-free living and attaining a higher degree of independence, safety, and comfort. Senior care environments need to be professionally designed to compensate for the changes in abilities like cognition and perception. Sufficiently bright, yet warm, glare-free facility lighting helps ensure the highest level of patient independence as well as the physical and mental health of patients. Properly illuminated corridors can become meeting places and a viable option for physical activity. If natural daylight is not available to regulate the inner clock, the Derungs Visual Timing Light provides a remarkably accurate substitute for the human awake/sleep cycle by replicating this circadian rhythm with timed changing of light levels. 


Patient Room Lighting - Amadea LED 2.0
Amadea LED 2.0
Stellar duo
Crescent Night Light