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Project Spotlight Ataro - THYSSENKRUPP

ThyssenKrupp North America


 ThyssenKrupp North America – Chicago, IL


 Gwen Grossman Lighting Design – Chicago, IL

Lighting Solution:

 Desk-mounted Ataro Luminaires


ThyssenKrupp North America, a diversified manufacturer of elevators, auto compo­nents and carbon steel, recently moved into a new US regional headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The top floor open-office provides a modern layout with high ceilings and an abundance of natural light. Gwen Grossman, from Gwen Grossman Lighting Design, was chosen to deliver a unique lighting solution that met the client’s specific criteria.

Challenge: Incorporate the minimalist approach to efficiency and aesthetics with an intelligent, streamlined lighting solution that maximizes daylight harvesting and provides user-friendly automated controls.

Solution: Following a successful installation at ThyssenKrupp’s German headquar­ters, ATARO free-standing and desk-mounted architectural fixtures with daylight and presence sensors were a logical choice. ATARO’s glare-free, light-amplifying AMBIO lens created the right balance of ambient and task lighting for both workstations and meeting areas. The end result? “The client was thrilled.”

Recognition: IES Illumination Award of Merit, 2013  

Gwen Grossman
Gwen Grossman Lighting Design, LLC.

“AMBIO optics are amazing. When I first saw the fixture I was excited but was a little bit skeptical thinking it wouldn’t work with the layout but it totally did! Optics of this fixture are quite different than what we are used to in North America. That was a nice surprise.”