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Medical Lighting Fixtures for Healthcare
As in every facet of life, effective lighting is important, but in the healthcare environment, it is crucial. As providers of health services, general practitioners and clinicians are performing any number of different tasks: from examinations and treatment, to office and computer work. Concentration and alertness are required, therefore, the safety and reliability of medical equipment – including lighting – is paramount.

Healthcare facilities of every kind are also finding that issues of economic efficiency are gaining in importance. Intelligent and high quality lighting solutions are able to support physicians and nursing staff in helping with handling visual tasks as well as significantly reducing operating costs.

Medical Lighting Fixtures for Seniors
Lighting in the medical arena has expanded to include the needs of seniors in living situations as well as healthcare environments. This growing population has a particular set of needs that must be met to be effective in their everyday living. A professional lighting concept which covers the different needs of caregivers, personnel, residents and visitors is key in caring for seniors in these types of environments. We have found that there is so much we can do to aid in the care and comfort of residents and staff alike. Waldmann has taken up this challenge.

As visual capabilities decrease with advanced age, elderly people often have unique issues throughout the day and night. Sensitivity to glare is increased, depth perception often suffers – these tendencies can cause a feeling of bewilderment and discomfort and can increase the chance of falls. Waldmann has designed lighting solutions that can be adjusted automatically to residents’ routines by utilizing current research and technology – using effective glare control, daylight harvesting and biodynamic or human-centric lighting. The focus is on having engaged residents while insuring their health and safety.

Medical Lighting Fixtures for Veterinary Exam and Veterinary Surgery
Lighting for veterinary exam and veterinary surgery must be very specific to meet both the needs of physicians, staff and their animal patients. With adjustable light levels and dimming capabilities, the physician can put animals at ease during the examination. High quality lighting is imperative when conducting a veterinary examination or in a surgery. Veterinary exam lights should produce accurate color temperature and rendering, have no heat radiation towards the patient, and provide a beam angle and adaptable arm that allow it to be positioned correctly and without drifting.