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Project Spotlight | MACH LED Plus

The MACH LED PLUS series is the ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent tube lights.  With a choice of diameters between 70 mm and 40 mm they are designed to convert machines and production facilities from fluorescent tube lights to modern LED lighting. The MACH LED PLUS series ensures a wide-area of illumination both as a replacement for fluorescent tube lights or for initial equipping of machines.



With a diameter of 70 mm, lengths ranging from 370 mm (14.6 inches) to 1070 mm (42.1 iches) and the connection option to 24 V or 100 / 120 / 220 – 240 V, the MACH LED PLUS.seventy is the optimum solution to convert technology from traditional fluorescent tube lights to modern LED lights.

Features of the MACH LED PLUS family:
  • Maintenance-free LED technology
  • Ultra low-glare, homogeneous light with soft transitions
  • Robust aluminum housing with solid safety glass screen
  • End Caps made of high-performance plastic
  • Potted M12 connector
  • Viton® seal for high degree of protection
  • Chemically resistant to many media such as oils or cooling lubricants
  • Withstands shocks and vibrations
  • Ideal for high mechanical and thermal stress
  • Connection to machine or mains voltage
  • Luminaires for daisy chaining


Just switch out the lights – Use the same brackets

With the abundance of older 70mm tube lights, more than likely you can reuse your existing tube light brackets with our new Mach LED Plus 70.

Product Video