Medical Lighting


Waldmann Lighting caters to the specific needs of medical professionals and healthcare facilities. Our lighting solutions enhance illumination, safety, and the overall atmosphere in examination rooms and medical settings. Our fixtures not only offer functionality but also contribute to a professional and pleasant healthcare environment.

Exam, Minor Procedure Lights

Examination lighting for a medical office or facility must be very specific to the needs of the medical professional. Depending on the type of examination being done, color temperature and beam angle, as well as a strong, adaptable arm are invaluable instruments in the office. With adjustable light levels and dimming capabilities, the physician can concentrate on the patient.

Patient Room Lighting - Triango 100 Dual
triango 100
triango 80
Medical Examination Lights - VASIANO 20
Medical Examination Lights - Visiano 10
visiano 10-1
Medical Examination Lights - Halux N50
halux n50
Medical Examination Lights - Halux N30
halux n30

Facility & Room Lights

In healthcare settings, Waldmann Lighting excels at fulfilling a dual role: it effectively aids busy physicians and staff in their patient care duties, all while creating a soothing atmosphere that promotes the healing process. In public areas such as corridors, stairwells, and lounges, Waldmann Lighting ensures there’s abundant brightness for clear visibility, while also upholding a comfortable and inviting ambiance.

Patient Room Lighting - Amadea LED 2.0
amadea led 2.0
stellar duo
Patient Room Lighting - Zera 500
Crescent Night Light