The HALUX N50 exam light  uses seven powerful LEDs, working in tandem to provide 50,000 lux to light the exam area with clear, natural color rendering (CRI >93) ideal for a variety of examinations. The standard Halux N50-1 offers 4400K clear, crisp light, while the Halux N50-3 allows for color changing and can be adjusted to 3300K, 3800K or 4400K to coincide with specific types of exams. A five-stage dimming system also helps to match the comfortable lighting to aid in a particular type of exam or procedure. Available with either a gooseneck or articulating arm and several mounting options, including rail, wall, table mounts as well as with a floor stand.

  • Color Rendering Index >93  
  • Easy on the eyes 4400K color temperature, or color changing option with 3300K, 3800K and 4400K color temps
  • Seven LEDs deliver 50,000 lux at .5 meter
  • Newly designed spring-balanced arm for precise positioning or sturdy gooseneck
  • Sealed construction keeps dust, liquids, etc. from permeating interior
  • Meets EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-2-41 standards