Veterinary Lighting

Overview of Functionality to Choose a Veterinary Exam or Surgical Procedure Light

ILLUMINANCE is the intensity of the light. The most significant measurement in lighting technology.  It is measured in lux. 

For general examinations or dental treatments, a light output of between 30,000 and 60,000 lux at a distance of 50 cm from the animal patient is optimal. Flexible examination lights, such as the VISIANO 20, have a 21 cm light field.

Surgical procedures, on the other hand, require significantly more light: for optimum depth illumination, between 60,000 – 100,000 lux at a distance of one meter from the animal’s body is recommended. Depending on the model, treatment lights such as the TRIANGO 100 C DUAL and TRIANGO 100 have a defined light field with a diameter of ø 18 cm or an adjustable field of up to ø 18-28 cm diameter.

COLOR TEMPERATURE is the warmth or the coolness of the light source. It is measured in Kelvin(K).

Neutral white light sources with a minimum of 4300 Kelvin are suitable for examinations and treatments. For dermatological examinations, magnifier lamps with daylight and optional Wood light are suitable. However, depending on the area of application, a warm white light may be recommended.

Multiple color temperatures in one luminaire is also available. Lights such as the VISIANO 20HALUX N50, HALUX N30,  TRIANGO 100 or the TRIANGO 100 C DUAL combine several lighting modes in one unit, thus allowing the treatment area to be viewed under different light colors.

COLOR RENDERING INDEX (CRI) measures the light’s ability to present the color naturally. It is a certified rating and tested in an independent lab. CRI is particularly important in the medical field. Higher CRI rating means more true to the colors that they are supposed to be. The minimum rating for the medical field is CRI 85. Most Waldmann lightings carry the CRI ratings above 93/95. 
CLEANING PROPERTIES – A hygienic environment ensures the safety and rapid recovery of the patients. Waldmann lightings have a closed lamp head. This is easy to clean and prevents dust and other particles from entering the luminaire.
Surgical lights such as the TRIANGO 100 C DUAL, TRIANGO 100 and TRIANGO 80 have a sterilizable handle and disposable handle covers. Additional safety is provided by the VISIANO 20 examination light, which is equipped with an antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene function. This has been proven to reduce 99% of bacteria and microbes.
ERGONOMICS – Various ergonomic details offer a high level of operating comfort and easy alignment of the light head. The special hand grips make it easier for right- and left-handed users to position the light. Our innovative combination of arm joint and rotating mechanisms on the luminaire head make it easy to adjust the light field. It also ensures that the light remains in the desired position.
FLEXIBLE CONNECTIONS – Depending on your requirements, the lights can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or other versatile accessories. 
  • Ceiling mount

  • Wall mount

  • Pin universal

  • Table clamp

  • Rolling stand

  • Rail mount