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The perfect maneuverability and the large operating radius of the TRIANGO 100 C DUAL minor procedure light allow for optimal illumination in all situations. The best lighting quality with 100,000 lux ensures reliable shadow-free illumination of the light field. Excellent color rendering properties (Ra 95) for accurate color representation. The dual light head allows simultaneous illumination of the treatment area which significantly reduces shadowing. The dual arm system enables efficient use of space and is particularly suitable for low-height rooms.

We also have single luminaire head variants TRIANGO 100 to meet your special needs.

  • Four dimming levels (40/60/80/100%) featured on all models
  • Specially designed spring arm system offers flexible movement in all directions as well as the ability to fold tight for storage when not in use
  • Unique LED design helps alleviate shadows and allows light to be positioned directly over the patient
  • Precise color rendering of Ra>95
  • Enables illumination of two minor surgical fields
  • Available with 4300 K color temperature or with adjustable color temps: 3700 K/ 4300 K/ 4700 K
  • Diamond optics offer a wide field of illumination with a diameter of 7 inches (optional Focus feature allows for an expanded field of up to 11-inch diameter)
  • Hygienic thanks to detachable and sterilizable handle
  • Fully functional keypad easily accessible
  • Meets standards EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-2-41

Unique dual arm system

Perfect mobility with

large radius of movement

Diamond optic

For homogeneous light 

with 100,000 Lux at 1.0 m each

Dual ceiling light

Enables illumination of 

2 surgical fields

Ideal color temperature

Fixed 4300 K, or adjustable:

3700 K / 4300 K / 4700 K

Homogeneous and low shadowing

Illumination field fixed 7″,

or adjustable 7″, 9″ and 11″

Parallel mounted arm linkage

Can be used for

low height rooms

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