Architectural Lighting

Project Spotlight | RL70

Project Spotlight | RL70


Client:Michigan State University, Michigan
Tenant:Michigan State University Owen Hall
Architect:The Smith Group, Detroit
Lighting solution:RL 70 E tube luminaire

The lighting challenge for the interior renovation of Owen Graduate Hall at Michigan State University (MSU) was to reenergize an existing 1960’s facility and respond to MSU’s master plan of celebrating student life and enhancing the student experience with diverse “live, work, and play” experiences. Lighting and architecture were integrated seamlessly to create three main concepts that unify the building: “path, peek, and highlight”. These elements guide the user through the facility to destination points that utilize simple and energy efficient fixtures in sophisticated ways that result in dramatic effects. The exterior tree lined view in the Main Dining provides an inspiring ending to the journey through the first floor. Why this lighting solution? – The random array of vertical fixtures serve to emulate and extend the natural vertical repetition from the surrounding foliage into the space. Tube fixtures used in combination with photocell control and step-dim ballasts serve to achieve the desired aesthetic while economically and efficiently lighting the space.