Image of architectural LED freestanding and deskmount luminaire, office desk lamp, office floor lamp.

Impeccable design and intelligent engineering deliver high lighting quality directly to the workplace environment. Freestanding luminaires and office floor lamps can be intuitively operated and are particularly easy to maintain. Every last detail is cleverly thought out – from manufacturing with durable, high-quality materials, to economic and ergonomic application, and environmentally-friendly disposal. Deskmount options are also available for varying office configurations. They create a space-saving architectural lighting solution and can be fixed to furnishings of different manufacturers. Waldmann Lighting provides both traditional tube light and LED light options for their freestanding floor lamp and deskmount task lamp solutions.



Image of ATARO - architectural freestanding floor lamps, desk-mounted task lights, pendant and wall-mounted  lighting system


Image of TYCOON - an architectural direct / indirect task lights solution utilizing T5 fluorescent lamp technology