Available for sale in North America only

LAVIGO/H is a beautiful solution to lighting the home office. The minimalistic design gives the freestanding floor task light a smooth overall appearance with its simplicity and clean lines. And, with LAVIGO/H, we’re keeping it simple – less bells, less whistles. It’s all about ease and comfort. The conveniently placed switch offers 10-100% dimming and the uplight/downlight engineering throws ambient light up as well as lighting your work surface. LAVIGO/H will set you up in a comfortable and productive working environment – without the traffic!

Experience Waldmann Lighting’s full range of floor task lights.

  • Minimalistic form and design, timeless modular solution compliments any decor
  • Optimized energy consumption due to new technological advances
  • Soft white finish – simple, yet elegant
  • Energy-efficient LED freestanding lighting for the home office
  • 10-100% dimming function with easy to reach switch