LINURA.edge – Waldmann’s newest LED surface-mounted lighting system is designed for applications with automated manufacturing in mind. With strength, flexibility and many options, its narrow profile and high intensity light make the LINURA Series ideal for use in conveyor or inspection lines, vision systems and any other automated manufacturing environment. The M12 connection and straightforward mounting system also make it extremely simple to connect and operate.

Quality smooth, even light for better performance:
With the latest LED technology (>170 lm / W) and a PMMA acrylic lens to distribute light to optimum effect, you can achieve the same level of lighting as before, but with smaller or fewer fixtures.

Robust housing made to last:
A strong aluminum profile and a lens made of PMMA acrylic provide strength and resistance from the surrounding environment. The special sealing concept for lens and side parts make LINURA.edge resistant to high ambient temperatures, liquids and dust (IP54).

Many sizes, more flexible application options:
LINURA.edge gets down to basics with its practical design.Ten lengths based on a 5.5-inch (140 mm) grid ensures that optimum lighting conditions can be achieved anywhere and anytime.

Slim design, less space required:
With streamlined design, very small dimensions (measuring less than an inch in diameter) and an easy M12 connection, it is easier than ever to get light to any area that you need it, such as machine cabinets or any area, large or small where good lighting is essential.

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