ROCIA.focus LED industrial-grade spot light is constructed from rugged anodized aluminum with completely sealed housing, handily preventing any intrusion of liquids, dust or foreign objects that are ever-present in machining environments. Specially designed optics and high-powered LEDs provide bright 5000K, glare-free lighting to the machine area.The continuous dimming function allows for adjustments of light level with flicker-free comfort. In addition, ROCIA.focus boasts up to 90% energy savings when compared to similar halogen machine lights.

  • 60,000 hour maintenance-free operation
  • Precision optics in 10° or 40° beam spreads
  • 5000K color temperature
  • 600 lumens
  • Protection rating up to IP67
  • Dimming-capable on arm versions
  • High-resistance coating against heat, wear and corrosion
  • No stroboscopic effect
  • No heat generated in the direction of the light beam 
  • ETL/cETL approved
wdt_ID Part No Model Voltage Arm Style Beam Angle Switch Spec Sheet
1 113184000-00680272 RFF 600/850/DS 12-28VAC/12-40VDC Gooseneck 10° Yes
2 113184000-00680285 RFF 600/850/DS 12-28VAC/12-40VDC Gooseneck 40° Yes
3 113185000-00668613 RFJ 600/850/DS 12-28VAC/12-40VDC Pivoting Head 10° No
4 113185000-00680293 RFJ 600/850/DS 12-28VAC/12-40VDC Pivoting Head 40° No
5 113182000-00680110 RFD 600/850/DS 12-28VAC/12-40VDC Double Arm 10° Yes
6 113182000-00680208 RFD 600/850/DS 12-28VAC/12-40VDC Double Arm 40° Yes
7 113181000-00680172 RFD600/850/D 100-240VAC Double Arm 10° Yes
8 113181000-00680185 RFD600/850/D 100-240VAC Double Arm 40° Yes
9 113183000-00680254 RFF 600/850/D 100-240VAC Gooseneck 10° Yes
10 113183000-00680258 RFF 600/850/D 100-240VAC Gooseneck 40° Yes
Voltage Arm Style Beam Angle Switch