ACURIA is built with precision which delivers state of the art efficient lighting technology, along with the safest protection against high temperatures, including coolant and lubricant-resistant materials.  The ACURIA can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.  There are multiple sizes to fit all machine requirements.  This powerful machine light includes a simple control and the most seamless integration that guarantees easy installation. The light was designed by the renowned Product Designer, Dominic Schindler, offering the perfect combination with Waldmann’s industrial lighting expertise. 


ACURIA is milled from a solid billet without unnecessary seals. This means the luminaire withstands even the harshest environmental conditions and virtually any temperature. ACURIA passes the long-term tightness test thanks to outstanding impermeability.

  • Quality that’s made to last
  • Minimal downtime due to moisture or dust ingress
  • Safer conditions for people, equipment and the company as a whole
  • IP67 protection rating


ACURIA’s innovative, rotatable M12 connector plug ensures maximum flexibility and a safer cable run. This means the cables of surface-mounted luminaires can be better protected against damage from chips

  • Sustained cable integrity
  • Simple, flexible connection options
  • Safer conditions for people, equipment and the company as a whole (something we don’t mind repeating here)



With the use of coolant and lubricant-resistant materials, luminaire degradation is a thing of the past

  • Less downtime due to luminaires affected by lubricants
  • Reduced degradation and lower replacement rates
  • Maximum planning certainty


ACURIA’s shock and vibration-resistant design makes it ideally suited to withstand extreme stresses.

  • Damage-free operation even when jolted
  • Lower life time costs due to minimized replacements following jarring or vibration damage
  • Reduced downtime due to shocks or vibration


In true Waldmann style, the wide range of luminaire sizes ensures there’s an ACURIA for everyone

  • The clear choice that truly fits every machine
  • One-stop delivery saves time and money
  • The right luminaire for your space and lighting needs


Light source:LED
LED service life:> 60,000 h (L70)
Beam angle:90°
Glare control:Focusing Honeycomb Optics
UGR rating:≤ 22
Color temperature:5,000 K (neutral white)
Color rendering Ra:≥ 80
Connection:M12 connector plug, A-coded, rotatable 360°, 6 x 60° snap-in
Connection voltage:24 V DC
Protection class:III
Advanced Feature:Digital inputs for on/off and step dimming
Housing/Exterior Material:Colourless anodised aluminium
Lens:4 mm thick safety glass (ESG)
Mounting:Via spring clips integrated into the rear. No tools required.
Vibration resistance:

10-55 Hz (amplitude 0.35 mm)

Shock proof:≤ 10 g
Tamax:50°C  (122°F)  thermal protection at Ta > 50°C (122°F)
Protection Class:IP67
Certfication:CE, cETLus


IP67 stands for “Ingress Protection 67.” It is a standard rating that indicates the level of protection an electronic device or enclosure offers against the intrusion of solid particles (like dust) and liquids (such as water). The IP rating is followed by two numbers:

First Digit (6):

This digit represents the level of protection against solid particles. The “6” indicates that the device is dust-tight, meaning it offers complete protection against the entry of dust or other solid particles.

Second Digit (7):

This digit represents the level of protection against liquids. The “7” indicates that the device is capable of withstanding immersion in water up to 1 meter (about 3.3 feet) deep for at least 30 minutes without any harmful effects.

IP67-rated machine light is completely dust-tight and can be submerged in water for a limited time without being damaged. This rating is often used for devices that need to operate in challenging environments or conditions where exposure to dust and water is a concern.