The new TRIANGO 100 minor procedure light provides optimal light, modular design and ergonomic operation

The luminaire manufacturer Waldmann introduces the new Derungs-brand Triango 100 minor procedure light to the North American market. Combining the latest in light technology with high ergonomic standards, the modular luminaire was developed by Derungs Licht AG’s Competence Center for Medical Lighting Solutions, in Switzerland. Its special arm system provides highly precise positioning and it is offered in versions with optional focusing, endoscopy mode and color alteration, making Triango 100 a versatile luminaire to meet any need. A premium minor procedure light, it can be fitted with additional functions depending on the application and customers buy only the functions they really need. The TRIANGO 100 can be used in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, trauma centers or in general treatment and examination rooms for surgical and dermatological applications and procedures.

Waldmann announces new OPTICLUX LED magnifier luminaire and wood light – versatile, flexible and precise

Waldmann and its brand of medical lighting, Derungs, introduce the OPTICLUX LED magnifier luminaire with wood light option. Featuring 1.9x magnification, a 6500K daylight-light quality light field, and outstanding color rendering, the OPTICLUX, an approved medical device, aids in both examination and diagnosis in general medicine, dermatology, dentristry, and veterinary medicine as well as in laboratories.

ZERA – The New Smart Room Light for Healthcare and Senior Care

Waldmann Lighting, along with its medical division, Derungs, introduces ZERA, a new bed wall luminaire as interesting as its name. Three separate light scenarios work independently or in tandem to deliver the desired light output and color temperature depending on the circumstance: general ambient lighting (3000K), lighting for exams or simple procedures (4000K), a glare-free reading light (2700K). ZERA’s high color rendering index of Ra>90 makes it easy to perform examinations or treatments when necessary.

Waldmann’s medical division, Derungs, announces new ViVAA LED room lighting

Unlimited design freedom
ViVAA offers unparalleled flexibility in a room light: depending upon the room height, one can choose between a hanging or mounted version. It’s two different diameters (400 and 600 mm) as well as various color and pattern options for the stainless steel housing, round out the creative possibilities. The elegant, balanced shade is perfect, down to the detail, with a canopy cover and light ring made of polished stainless steel.

Introducing VISIANO – Waldmann Lighting’s Newest LED Exam Light

Waldmann Lighting’s medical division, Derungs Medical Lighting, is setting new standards in lighting for medical offices, clinics and hospitals. VISIANO, with its unique design, state-of-the-art lighting technology and the highest quality materials available, brings optimal lighting along with ergonomically friendly ease of use where it is needed most.

Introducing TRIANGO – LED Technology now available for the Exam & Procedure Area

Waldmann, along with its medical division Derungs’, brings sophisticated LED technology into the procedure & exam area with the TRIANGO LED Universal Procedure Light.

LED technology has revolutionized medical lighting equipment design and Waldmann has taken the initiative to further develop a product with a renewed quality of light that is energy-efficient and ergonomically-friendly. Featuring state-of-the-art, high-output LED technology, the new Triango sets the standard for a modern exam and procedure light.