Introducing VISIANO – Waldmann Lighting’s Newest LED Exam Light

VISIANO LED Exam and Procedure Light
Redefining Lighting Quality and Design

Waldmann Lighting’s medical division, Derungs Medical Lighting, is setting new standards in lighting for medical offices, clinics and hospitals. VISIANO, with its unique design, state-of-the-art lighting technology and the highest quality materials available, brings optimal lighting along with ergonomically friendly ease of use where it is needed most.

Superior Light Quality
Sixteen high quality LEDs and specially designed diamond-shaped optics deliver a high illumination level of 60,000 lux along with a very high color rendering (Ra >93). The luminaire head is concave in shape, offering a clear 7.5-inch lighting field. Four dimming levels and the capability to switch color temperatures (4500K and 3500K) allow for customizing the light according to the specific task.

Design and Function
In addition to utilizing the most advanced lighting technology in the field today, its emphasis on design and ergonomics sets VISIANO apart. Its arm is made from strong anodized aluminum and the spring-balanced friction joint maintains positioning without the worry of loosening or swaying during use. The light head itself is designed to be ergonomically-friendly – easy to grasp all around with controls easily accessible on top.

Keeping Hygiene a Priority
Inhibiting the spread of harmful bacteria and germs is a critical task for a medical setting. To help keep these areas sanitary, an anti-microbial sanitized® hygienic material has been integrated into the parts of the luminaire that are handled most. Laboratory testing has shown that 99% of bacteria and germs have been destroyed where this material was used. Not meant to replace regular cleaning, this material adds to the degree of sanitizing that can be accomplished.

VISIANO is available with ceiling, table, wall or rail configurations.