The LAVIGO Modular Free-Standing Luminaire Adapts to the Modern Workplace

Needs-Driven Office Lighting

Waldmann addresses the demands of today’s office environments with the sleek modular design of LAVIGO. The LAVIGO family of LED luminaires does not fail to impress with its clean lines and simple elegance.

When designing LAVIGO, Jürgen Schubert of Structurelab Architekten Düsseldorf based the most basic elements on the simple form of the rectangle with slightly rounded corners. The end result is a luminaire that adapts to different office decor and furniture systems with ease.

LAVIGO offers a minimalistic design with an extremely high degree of lighting efficiency in excess of 100 lumens per watt. Along with the beautiful ambient lighting, there is the added advantage of portability that comes with the freestanding class of Waldmann luminaires.

The direct component, for even distribution of light at the workplace, and the indirect component, for pleasant basic lighting, are both individually dimmable and therefore fulfill the personal needs of the user.

For additional comfort, optional PULSE VTL light management is available, which simulates natural daylight throughout the day, adjusting light color and brightness to coincide with the time of day.