The new TRIANGO 100 minor procedure light provides optimal light, modular design and ergonomic operation

Wheeling, IL –  The luminaire manufacturer Waldmann introduces the new Derungs-brand Triango 100 minor procedure light to the North American market. Combining the latest in light technology with high ergonomic standards, the modular luminaire was developed by Derungs Licht AG’s Competence Center for Medical Lighting Solutions, in Switzerland. Its special arm system provides highly precise positioning and it is offered in versions with optional focusing, endoscopy mode and color alteration, making Triango 100 a versatile luminaire to meet any need.  A premium minor procedure light, it can be fitted with additional functions depending on the application and customers buy only the functions they really need. The TRIANGO 100 can be used in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, trauma centers or in general treatment and examination rooms for surgical and dermatological applications and procedures.Advanced tool for prime care
The Triango 100 luminaire head isn’t just a design statement. Its enclosed design and film keyboard makes it easy to clean. Inside, it holds the latest lighting technology and specially developed diamond optics that make for a uniform, flicker-free light field. The light field size is 18 cm and is 100,000 lux strong at one meter. The light has four dimming levels and can be adapted to the current treatment situation. With an outstanding color rendering index Ra of 95, Triango 100 ensures realistic illumination.

Precise positioning and portability

When a minor procedure light’s arm drifts and needs to be readjusted it is disruptive to patients and medical personnel. The specially developed spring-balanced luminaire arm on the Triango 100 solves this problem, ensuring high positioning accuracy with no bounce, plus a user-friendly sliding movement. The arm system can be swiveled 360° and allows a reach of 183 cm. Even the luminaire head can be moved 180°. This means there is always light exactly where it is needed. The Triango 100 comes in a ceiling or wall version. For portable use, it is also available with a modern roller stand.

Safe and hygienic
Easy cleaning of medical devices is important for maintaining hospital hygiene and infection control. The Triango 100’s ergonomic handle can be removed and sterilized and the luminaire head casing is enclosed and therefore simple to clean. As an approved medical device, the Triango 100 meets the requirements of EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-2-41.

Specialized for a broad range of applications
For small surgical interventions, the version with a focusable light field of three different diameters is a suitable choice. In the laboratory or dermatology room, the Triango assists contrast vision with a variety of color temperatures. In endoscopy mode, the light can be quickly and easily adjusted to ideal lighting conditions for endoscopic or minimally invasive interventions.