Waldmann Lighting Brings Practical LED Technology Solutions for Today’s Physician’s Office

Waldmann Lighting Company, along with medical division Derungs Medical Lighting, an innovator in the design and manufacture of medical lighting products for a myriad of healthcare environments, introduces the HALUX LED and OCULUX OB/GYN Exam and Procedure Lights. 

Mixing LEDs of different colors is a great innovation in the field of medical examination. The Halux LED and Oculux each use new LED technology in different ways to equip the exam area with clear, natural color rendering for a variety of examinations. Both fixtures offer light color temperatures that can be modified at will. The user can select the optimum lighting for each examination depending on the area being examined.Both have five dimming levels and both can be adjusted with a slight rotation of the focusing ring located conveniently on the head.

The Halux LED provides 50,000 lux of clear, natural color rendering. Using seven powerful LEDs in tandem, color temperatures can be obtained in a warm 3500K, neutral 4100K, or cooler 4700K. The color can be modified at will conveniently at the head.

The Oculux was designed to support the OB/GYN specialty. It provides 20,000 lux in 3500K, 4300K and 5100K color temperatures, allowing the specific procedure to dictate the type of lighting used. The light can also be adjusted to illuminate the space from a large work area to as small as 2.5 inches for more precise diagnoses.

LED technology reduces maintenance and energy costs to a minimum while providing a multitude of options for ease of use. .Ergonomically-friendly and energy-efficient, Waldmann Lighting’s Halux LED and Oculux Exam lights were designed with the task in mind.