MAGNIFICATION for VETERINARIANS | OPTICLUX                                                                   


OPTICLUX: a robust magnifier with 1.9x magnification, the latest LED modules, ergonomically tested arm joints and intuitive operation with easy to use controls - ideal for skin or more intricate procedures. OPTICLUX can also boast its 6500K daylight-quality light field, outstanding color rendering properties and its maintenance-free life cycle - and a Wood light option that offers double duty for the medical facility or lab. As an approved medical device, it is ideal for dermatology, veterinary medicine and dentistry, as well as in laboratories and for monitoring sterilized products.

wood's lamp - opticlux 

wood's lamp - opticlux

  • Color temperature daylight white 6500K 
  • 1.9x (3.5 diopters) magnification lens surrounded by premium LED modules
  • Oversized 6.3” specially-treated hard acrylic magnifier lens with protective lens cover
  • Several mounting options available
  • Optional Wood light: Peak at 365 nm
  • Continuously dimmable 100% to 10%
  • Color rendering properties: CRI > 93, R9 >90, 
  •  R13 > 95
  • ETL/cETL approved


Part No: D15816000
Model: Opticlux 10-2 CT1
Mounting Type: Ceiling
Special Features: Wood light
Spec Sheet:  D15816000.pdf


Part No: D15817000
Model: Opticlux 10-1 CT1
Mounting Type: Ceiling
Special Features:
Spec Sheet:  D15817000.pdf


Part No: D15953000
Model: Opticlux 10-2 P TX
Mounting Type: Pin Mount
Special Features: Wood light
Spec Sheet:  D15953000.pdf


Part No: D15954000
Model: Opticlux 10-1 P TX
Mounting Type: Pin Mount
Special Features:
Spec Sheet:  D15954000.pdf


Part NoModelMounting TypeSpecial FeaturesSpec Sheet
D15816000Opticlux 10-2 CT1CeilingWood light
D15817000Opticlux 10-1 CT1Ceiling 
D15953000Opticlux 10-2 P TXPin MountWood light
D15954000Opticlux 10-1 P TXPin Mount 


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Description Part Number Image
 MOUNTING OPTION: Table Clamp D14228000
 MOUNTING OPTION: Floor Stand, with       Casters, Gray D15595000  
 MOUNTING OPTION: Wall Mount for Gooseneck, White D13231000
 MOUNTING OPTION: Universal Base Mount  204090019-   00000599  
  MOUNTING OPTION: Rail Mount  (does     not include rail)*
ACCESSORY: Rail System* (sold separately) 39.4" length  D13505000  
 ACCESSORY: Rail System* (sold separately) 59" length  D13506000  
ACCESSORY: Extension Arm