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The new OPTICLUX Hand magnifier luminaire is soon to be one of the medical practitioner’s most valuable devices. Designed with first-rate performance and ergonomic comfort in mind, OPTICLUX Hand offers excellent color rendering properties, a large daylight-quality light field, as well as stepless dimming at your fingertips. In addition, the powerful Wood‘s light feature is ideal for veterinary or any dermatological task. Controls are easily accessible and a long battery life makes this a maintenance-free, dependable tool of the trade.


  • Color temperature daylight white 6,500 K
  • Acrylic glass lens of 3.5 dioptres
  • Color rendering Ra = 95
  • Homogeneous bright field of light * (8,000 lx / 0.15 m)
  • Continuously dimmable
  • With Wood’s light: Maximum value at 365 nm
  • Flexible charging via USB interface
  • > 3 hours battery life
  • Maintenance-free
  • Ergonomic: perfect handling for right- and left-handers
  • Optimally protected: with a high-quality felt case
  • Tested medical device EN 60601-1
  • 5-year warranty on all electronic components
        * -10 %/+20 % tolerances

Optimal handling for right- and left-handers

Easy to handle
Keypad on the handle with stepless dimming controls

Outstanding light
Unique light output with 8,000 lx at 0.15 m for a true-to-life color rendering

Battery powered
Up to 3 hours runtime, convenient charging through USB-C port

Especially for dermatology
Two lighting modes in one device: Wood‘s light for examining skin variations, lesions and pigment changes

Optimally protected
High quality felt cover protects the lens from scratches and sun exposure

OPTICLUX with Wood’s light

The special mode for dermatologists, veterinarians and forensic medicine combines two lighting modes in one device: daylight white illumination and Wood’s light.  A variety of examination types can be performed with just one light. Other Wood luminaires require the room to be completely darkened. Thanks to powerful BLB LEDs, the Opticlux does not require this. With the flip of a switch, the practitioner is able to use the right tool for whatever task needs to be done.

     From Experts to Experts

Dr. Paul Scheidegger

“Why should I change my magnifying lamp?”

Dr. Scheidegger, a dermatology and venereology specialist from Brugg, Switzerland, will provide answers and insights.

New accessory for OPTICLUX Handheld -- Charging Station

This eye-catching OPTICLUX Handheld Charging Station is performance engineered. The functional, robust design offers a high-quality baseplate secure stand and optimized charging. It also can be converted to a wall mount if needed.

      • One step to charge and store OPTICLUX Handheld
      • Stand or wall mount options included
      • Easy cleaning thanks to the unique, smooth surfaces and closed design
*  Charging Station is an accessory. Please order separately.

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