How To Pick The Best Floor Task Light

If you work at a desk all day, you probably spend a lot of time in your office. That makes it pretty important to optimize the space and make it as comfortable and usable as possible. Of course, that doesn’t just mean removing ugly watercooler posters and replacing them with framed sheets of white paper. … Read more

Architectural LED Downlights

Architectural downlights are recessed lighting fixtures used for general illumination and to highlight architecture. They are also known as architectural light fixtures, lighting accents, skylights, wall lights, or architectural ceiling lights. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages they offer:

STARLINE™ MICRO/C and MICRO/S and PIKO/C and PIKO/S ceiling and suspended luminaires utilize unique micro downlight optics for low UGR

Waldmann North America announces the release of MICRO and PIKO luminaires available for both suspended and ceiling applications. The MICRO’s MD optic delivers highly-efficient illumination by micro downlight reflectors with complex surface geometry and precise shaping of the light beam. Similarly, the PIKO optic made of PMMS and retracted from the surface of the luminaire, emits light through the perforation on the surface making the light source invisible and providing optimal visual comfort. Both STARLINE™ optics balance the intensity of the downlight while maintaining an impressive command on glare control (UGR<13), making these fixtures ideal for an office setting, conference room or lobby.

STARLINE™ ASTERISK recessed luminaire brightens the indoor space with unique optics and star-like illumination

Available for the North American market, the ASTERISK recessed ceiling light delivers glare-control and highly-efficient illumination with its STARLINE optics’ precise shaping of the light beam. Optics feature a micro downlight reflector with a complex surface geometry of micro facets. The angles of direct light beam and light reflected perfectly align, providing sharp cut off for full visual comfort.

The new TRIANGO 100 minor procedure light provides optimal light, modular design and ergonomic operation

The luminaire manufacturer Waldmann introduces the new Derungs-brand Triango 100 minor procedure light to the North American market. Combining the latest in light technology with high ergonomic standards, the modular luminaire was developed by Derungs Licht AG’s Competence Center for Medical Lighting Solutions, in Switzerland. Its special arm system provides highly precise positioning and it is offered in versions with optional focusing, endoscopy mode and color alteration, making Triango 100 a versatile luminaire to meet any need. A premium minor procedure light, it can be fitted with additional functions depending on the application and customers buy only the functions they really need. The TRIANGO 100 can be used in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, trauma centers or in general treatment and examination rooms for surgical and dermatological applications and procedures.

Waldmann announces new OPTICLUX LED magnifier luminaire and wood light – versatile, flexible and precise

Waldmann and its brand of medical lighting, Derungs, introduce the OPTICLUX LED magnifier luminaire with wood light option. Featuring 1.9x magnification, a 6500K daylight-light quality light field, and outstanding color rendering, the OPTICLUX, an approved medical device, aids in both examination and diagnosis in general medicine, dermatology, dentristry, and veterinary medicine as well as in laboratories.

RAPTOR, Waldmann’s new LED spot light, shines light on the toughest machining environments

Waldmann Lighting introduces its newest energy-efficient, industrial-grade spot light – RAPTOR. No more shutting down machines to change the light bulbs. RAPTOR’s state of the art LED technology can easily handle the volatile nature of today’s machine environments with its 3mm solid safety glass, and strong die-cast aluminum shell providing 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Available in both gooseneck and pivoting head versions, RAPTOR will brighten up any enclosure with its 5000K color temperature and glare-free illumination.  

Rugged, efficient, and withstanding extreme temperatures, announcing the new ACANEO EXTREME

Waldmann Lighting announces the update of the ACANEO high bay luminaire, ideal for the full ambient illumination of large commercial or industrial facilities with ceilings of up to 100 feet, with its new ACANEO Extreme model. The ACANEO’s sealed, closed design and strong, aluminum housing has been very effective in protecting inside mechanics and electronics from dust, humidity, oils or vapors. The standard model is proficient in areas where temperatures reach up to 140° F, and now the new ACANEO Extreme can reach temperatures up to 158° F. Thermal heat management is built in, pulling heat up and away from the light source in order to prevent any overheating of the work or storage area as well as the fixture itself.

Waldmann’s MACH LED PLUS.forty machine luminaire receives upgrade to new smart PWM interface

Waldmann’s popular line of MACH LED PLUS.forty LED machine lights provide high illumination even in the most restricted of spaces with their slim, compact form factor, measuring just 1 ¾ inches in diameter. MACH LED PLUS.forty versions are now also available with a PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) interface and digital input for cold switching. PWM is a modulation technique used to encode a message into a pulsing signal, in this case with flashing and flicker-free dimming of the MACH LED PLUS.forty light fixtures when a machine is testing its operation.