The SPOT LED 003 can be used wherever a spot or area light is needed. Three high-powered LED modules work in tandem for a consistently high quality of illumination. This tough light is impervious to shock and vibration and a service life up to 50,000 hours maintenance-free operation means keeping machines running without service calls. The high color temperature (5700K) promotes concentration and precision – positive attributes for productivity and safety.
  • Triple high-power LED modules  
  • 50,000 hour maintenance-free operation
  • Precision optics available in 10° or 40° beam spreads
  • Protection rating up to IP67
  • 5700K color temperature
  • High-resistance coating against heat, wear and corrosion
  • No stroboscopic effect
  • No heat generated in the direction of the light beam 
  • ETL/cETL approved