Introducing Waldmann’s new Smart lighting platform, LUM CONNECT

Wheeling, IL – People and their needs have been at the forefront of development at Waldmann since the company’s inception. LUM CONNECT, the new Waldmann smart lighting control platform, to be unveiled at LIGHTFAIR® International Booth #848, continues this philosophy. Adhering to the Plug & Light principle of simplicity and ease in operation while providing a diverse range of technological functions, LUM CONNECT enables Waldmann luminaires to be controlled intelligently, with the help of standard interfaces. The luminaires become part of networked environments, enhancing user convenience and boosting energy efficiency.

LUM CONNECT | VTL – Biodynamic lighting system

The innovative VTL lighting system is based on the positive biological effects the change in natural light has on humans over the course of the day. Waldmann can implement this human-centric, biodynamic lighting system and simulate natural daylight with its linear, pendant, wall and freestanding fixtures a few different ways – through the use of the Waldmann Net Module controller, through the use of DALI control, or integrated within Waldmann partner Molex`s Network Connected Solutions PoE system.

LUM CONNECT | TALK – Swarm control

Utilizing either the EnOcean or Bluetooth wireless module, Waldmann luminaires talk to each other, assigned to different areas and groups. When a luminaire registers presence, it sends information to the rest of the group to light the immediate office surroundings at a pleasant basic level. Focusing lighting levels only where they are needed dramatically reduces energy costs, and making light islands a thing of the past promotes productivity by ensuring employee well-being, regardless of time of workday.

LUM CONNECT | MANAGE – Light management system

Embedded with daylight and presence sensors and compatible with various dimming protocols – DALI, Lutron, and standard 1-10V, Waldmann luminaires can be controlled as part of an effective building management system, providing quality lighting all day, automatically, while also reducing energy loads.

LUM CONNECT | CONFIG – Wireless luminaire configuration

The Light Admin app easily and clearly organizes and configures lighting installations.

The above systems are interoperable and can be configured with select Waldmann part numbers.

LIGHTFAIR® International – Waldmann Booth #848