Gynecology Exam Lighting Solutions

A Closer Look At Gynecology Exam Lighting Solutions When it comes to gynecology exams, the difference between an adequate examination light and a superb one can be like night and day—quite literally. These medical examinations are intricate dances that hinge on the ability to see in high definition. The brightness and color temperature of an … Read more

Guide to Plastic Surgery Exam Lights

Medical Lighting Plastic Surgery Exam Lights – A Brief Overview. Plastic surgery is a field where precision is everything and every single aspect counts; therefore, the importance of surgical lighting cannot be overemphasized. Operating room lights act as a beacon that guides surgeons towards perfection along with their teams. This manual takes an in-depth look … Read more

Elevating Clean Room Illumination with LED Fixtures

Elevating Clean Room Illumination with LED Fixtures Cleanroom lighting serves as a critical element in environments demanding utmost sterility, such as pharmaceutical labs, biomedical facilities, hospitals, and settings with elevated moisture levels. To uphold stringent cleanliness and safety standards, it’s essential to invest in lighting fixtures specifically tailored to these conditions. Cleanroom Lights: Vital for … Read more

New patient room luminaires and controller enhance the Waldmann offering for medical facilities

Wheeling, IL – Waldmann introduces the STELLAR recessed ceiling luminaires, available in 2×2-foot and 2×4-foot configurations, the STELLAR DUO dual recessed luminaires, designed specifically for hospital bed lighting, the low- profile CRESCENT night light and touch keypad NAVIGATOR multi-function controller. Engineered with three lighting functions – ambient, exam, and reading – as well as fully-enclosed … Read more

Waldmann Introduces ROCIA luminaire series – ROCIA.focus and ROCIA.planar

Wheeling, IL – Waldmann Lighting adds an impressive new LED spot light and task light to their extensive collection of machine lighting solutions. ROCIA.focus has a strong, full-metal design constructed from rugged aluminum with completely sealed housing, handily preventing any intrusion of liquids, dust or foreign objects that are ever-present in machining environments. Available with … Read more

Waldmann Lighting Wins 2016 Best Booth Award in San Diego

Waldmann Lighting, the German-headquartered manufacturer of high-performance office, architectural, healthcare and industrial lighting, was recognized for its excellence in visual display and product presentation at Lightfair International 2016 in San Diego, CA receiving the Best Booth Award in the Global Light & Design Pavilion category.