Industrial Lighting

Laboratory Lighting

Many world-renowned facilities have presented cutting-edge research and meticulous study in a laboratory. Waldmann lights provide adjustable light levels, magnification, adjustable arms, high color temperature, and accurate color rendering index, elevating them to invaluable instruments for staff at these facilities.

Dental laboratories place high demands on light quality require equally sophisticated task lighting and magnification equipment. Learn about the two key measurements to consider when choosing a task light for the dental environment: – color temperature, and color rendering index (CRI) – and how to have the right light where you need it, when you need it

Workbench Overhead Lights - Taneo Fixed Workbench Light
taneo (Under Cabinet - Tilt)
Workbench Overhead Lights - Tameto Fixed Overhead Workbench Light
workbench overhead lights - Tameto lateral workbench overhead light
tameto (lateral)
workbench overhead lights - WLA workbench overhead light
taneo (arm)
Magnifier Light Industrial Magnifier Light, Bench Magnifier Light - Omnivue LED
workbench overhead lights - ALD arm task light
Bench Magnifier Light - Tevisio
Industrial Bench Magnifier Light - MLD
Industrial Magnifier Light, Bench Magnifier Light - Ring LED
ring led