What Are Ceiling Mounted Downlights?

What are Ceiling Mounted Downlights?

Ceiling mounted downlights are types of lights that are installed into the ceiling and will shine light narrowly downwards. As the downlight is recessed into the ceiling when it is on it looks as though the ceiling is shining light down. The parts involved in downlights are a part that connects to the ceiling, the bulb and a transformer if there needs to be additional safety.

An example of Waldmann Lighting’s most popular ceiling mounted downlight is the Dotoo.fit and Dotoo.fit POE.

What are Ceiling Mounted Lights?

Ceiling mounted lights can either be completely flushed into the ceiling or semi-flushed. The flush mounted light will have no space between the main fixture and the ceiling. When the ceiling mounted light is semi-flushed then there will be a small gap between the light and the ceiling. Semi-flush ceiling mounted lights are similar to pendant lights but are not as low hanging.

Light will often shine in more directions than downlights but might not be as strong. The presence of a ceiling mounted light is also more noticeable when the light is on or off compared to downlights.

Benefits of Ceiling Mounted Lights

The circle design allows the light to be more flush against the ceiling and for light to disperse evenly across the room
Most newer models are built to be more energy efficient and help with energy savings. The ceiling mount helps limit the amount of excess heat, is easy to replace the light and is safe to install.

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