The RL70 industrial tube light has been lighting machine compartments with broad, wide-area illumination for many years. This durable, IP67-rated fixture is designed in a wide range of lengths and is impervious to lubricants, coolants and flying debris. Available in high- or low-voltage versions for convenience and easy wiring.

  • “CE” models use new generation compact fluorescent lamps offering up to 33 percent longer lamp life than T8 bi-pin based fluorescents with less heat output than halogens
  • T5HO fluorescent lamps utilized in our 2x24W, 2x39W, and 2x54W lights, offer up to 10,000 lumens of super bright light output  
* All-in-one model, includes short-L brackets, 8 ft cable set
** Piggyback ballast w/ louver; no cable or bracket
  • 4100K color temperature
  • Built-in or remote ballasts (which reduce the overall fixture length) are available
  • Electronic ballasts offer flicker-free, energy-efficient performance
  • 2.75-inch outside diameter borosilicate glass or hard acrylic tubes available