LUM CONNECT, Waldmann's smart lighting control platform, provides a diverse range of functions to enable luminaires to be controlled intelligently. With the help of standard interfaces for an integrated light control, the luminaires become part of networked environments and are simple to operate, enhancing user convenience and boosting energy efficiency.

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Power over Ethernet
Network Connected Lighting 


Light Management System 



Biodynmic Lighting Control, Human Centric Lighting Control, PoE Lighting, with Timed Control Lighting
      LUM Connect VTL - Biodynamic, Human Centric POE Lighting control with timed control lighting

Biodynamic Lighting

CONNECT TALK - networked lighting with swarm control and light fixture communication
   networked light fixture communication with swarm control 

Swarm Control

 Networked Lighting with Swarm Control for Light Fixture Communication               


Luminaire Configuration Via App