Theresienheim Nursing Home -

Theresienstr. 3, 41751 Viersen,


Lighting consultation
and distribution :

Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG, 78056 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Lighting Solution

General room lighting Dlite® vanera / Dlite® amadea / TYCOON


The Theresienheim residential complex consists of 85 single and 17 double rooms and 80% of the residents suffer from dementia. While the lighting was sufficient for healthy eyes, it no longer met the needs of those with impaired vision and perception due to age. The following items were the objectives for the 2009/2010 renovation:

  • Covering the special needs of the residents suffering from dementia.
  • Ensuring a modern facility, thereby improving the work and care situation.
  • Assuring a comfortable atmosphere for residents and caregivers.
  • Conveying to relatives the confidence that their loved ones were entrusted into good care.

The comprehensive renovation project in the Theresienheim has introduced light into all areas for people with dementia including :

  • VTL - Visual Timing Light (24-hour progressive lighting using controlled artificial light) in corridors
  • Sensor-controlled light in lounge areas/beverage stations at stairways with plenty of daylight
  • Customized, controllable lighting in the bedrooms
  • Individual controls for meeting points and community rooms
  • Dimmable lighting in the therapeutic bath for supervised wellness days
  • Bright task lighting and welcoming direct/indirect lighting in the reception area

“We appreciate the excellent advice and support through the new lighting concept and are proud of our lighting solution. Residents and employees value it highly”, says Mr. Josef Heinemann Director of the facility and board member of the sponsoring foundation. “The facility is brighter, and in the mornings we are definitely awake more quickly. Today, shadows are more apparent to us. Compared to before, we perceive everything much more consciously. And we feel that the work atmosphere is happier and livelier, and the routine of the day is more controlled for us due to the Visual Timing Light. …Meanwhile, we have noticed that residents don‘t fall as often. This can surely be attributed to the overall concept (new color design and light-colored sections in the carpeting – but the light likely plays a crucial part. In addition, we have observed more intensive use of our lounge areas. Residents suffering from dementia clearly prefer bright areas and respond to the light. We can also say that our residents don‘t nap as often after breakfast, ” says the Head of Residential Quarters and Nursing Care.