Waldmann offers a broad range of customizable arm solutions with three spring-loaded and friction arm styles to choose from, offering weight load capacities up to 18 lbs and reaches starting at 16 inches. Specialized reaches and custom colors are available as well.  

Extensive Possibilities

Waldmann's complete line of fully adjustable, articulated and gooseneck arm configurations are designed to hold OEM industrial and medical devices such as digital cameras, flat screen computers, splash guards, instruments, tools, microscopes, lasers and other equipment. 

Strong Solutions

Waldmann Arm systems are constructed using time-tested engineering, attributing to their robust durability. They feature flexible pivoting and articulating joints that offer stay-put reliability and are designed with internal spring mechanisms. 

Product Development 

Maximize efficiency by teaming with Waldmann. Our engineering specialists will use their expertise to develop a logical, yet economical design that successfully integrates one of our top quality, proven arm styles with your product. Through custom engineering and specialty mounting options, our arm becomes a seamless, natural extension of your product.