Rummelsberger Stift 92319 Starnberg, Germany

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Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG, 78056 VillingenSchwenningen, Germany

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General room lighting Dlite® vanera / Dlite® amadea / TYCOON




The Rummelsberger Stift nursing home aims to make residents suffering from age-related disabilities feel like they have found a new environment for life in which they feel accepted as they are; a place that helps regenerate both their spirits and senses.The Rummelsberger Stift home has won an award for its architecture and is located in a peaceful area near the Starnberg Lake in Viersen, Germany. The residence, meant for both alert and dependent seniors, has single and double rooms as well as some apartments. It also offers 20 places in a protected area for residents suffering from dementia who may wander off in an unbalanced state. The implementation of the circadian rhythm harmonization project using Waldmann's VTL (Visual Timing Light) was an optimum lighting solution based on the high intensity direct/indirect lighting. It was installed in the corridors to improve the safety and independence of the residents. 

We were fully convinced not only by the visual, but also by the positive influence of this lighting solution on the residents and personnel” says Mrs. Margit Steigner, Deacon Director of the Altenhilfeverbund (Assistance to Seniors), Starnberg

The Rummelsberger home was opened thirty years ago as a retirement home. Over the years, the needs of the residents and consequently, the requirements of the healthcare personnel have changed. Our nursing team assists the residents when they are no longer able to manage on their own. We wish to encourage and preserve the independence of each person, so that all of them can lead a life as autonomous and independent as possible. We have observed increasingly that light plays a major role in the life and daily routine of our personnel and the elderly persons under our care, especially in the case of people suffering from dementia. We attach great importance to wellbeing and safety. Particularly in the protected area, the dementia lighting conditions in the corridors, living areas and their rooms. Today, thanks to an optimal lighting solution, we are making intensive use of the corridor and the day room as movement areas. A combination of wall mounted and ceiling mounted luminaires lights the farthest corners. In spite of the low ceilings, the corridors appear open, clear and optically large. The optimum distribution of light, reduced formation of shadows and limited reflections allow: 

• Greater comfort during movement 
• Easier visual adaptation during room changes 
• Better perception of the faces of the persons met 

There has been entirely positive feedback from nursing staff as well as relatives of residents regarding these improvements.