It was a pleasure to exhibit at Eastec 2015 this year - we found it to be a great opportunity for introducing our industrial luminaires and offering lighting solutions to attendees. Our LED machine and facility fixtures were displayed for visitors to examine at their leisure with the added advantage of being able to discuss specific applications with our lighting professionals.Below are some of the products we showcased. Read on to learn more...




MACH LED PLUS offers end-to-end bright LED light with all the advantages of the latest LED technology.Designed as an energy-efficient upgrade from standard fluorescent tube lights, MACH LED PLUS replaces existing tube lights using existing brackets. Completely waterproof and available in 24V and 100-230V versions, MACH LED PLUS makes upgrading your machine a simple task.Available in six lengths, Read more…




TAMETO offers broad, bright light output for workbenches and assembly workstations. Special optics reduces glare, eye strain and fatigue and the enclosed design protects from dust or other items that may fall in. Several sizes and mounting configurations make TAMETO an ideal solution for workbenches and production facilities. Available in LED or energy-efficient fluorescent styles. Read more… 




Waldmann’s innovative mechanical engineering brings the next generation of high intensity LED panel luminaires to the present. LUMATRIS. Ideal for areas where a minimum amount of space is available, but a maximum amount of light is necessary. Various dimensions, mounting options and light output levels allow for customizing the light to the application.  Read more…




TANEO is the lighting solution for a myriad of applications. With three available sizes and light output levels, a strong aluminum spring-balanced arm system, as well as system luminaire configurations, TANEO offers the latest in LED technology and ergonomic handling.It is ideal for manufacturing, assembly or quality control procedures, as well as laboratory, electronic or metalworking environments. Read more...



Forty-eight premium LEDs surround a wide-angle, 6-inch 
magnifying lens, with dimming and segment switching
for complete control of the light output. A spring-balanced
arm with multi-directional head joint has been tested for
20,000+ arm movements for precise and drift-free 
positioning.