TRIANGO 100 C DUAL – The perfect maneuverability and the large operating radius of the TRIANGO 100 C DUAL minor procedure light allow for optimal illumination in all situations. The best lighting quality with 100,000 lux ensures reliable shadow-free illumination of the light field. Excellent color rendering properties (Ra 95) for accurate color representation. The double luminaire heads allow simultaneous illumination of two treatment areas or significant shadow reduction in one surgical field.


OPTICLUX HANDHELD – The new OPTICLUX Hand magnifier luminaire is soon to be one of the medical practitioner’s most valuable devices. Designed with first-rate performance and ergonomic comfort in mind, OPTICLUX Hand offers excellent color rendering properties, a large daylight quality light field, as well as stepless dimming at your fingertips. In addition, the powerful Wood‘s light feature is ideal for veterinary or any dermatological task. Controls are easily accessible and a long battery life makes this a maintenance-free, dependable tool of the trade.

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LUCIO is a durable luminaire with the best German technology. It is the most likable Waldmann luminaire ever. Having your own glare-free light at the workplace is indispensable, in the office as well as at home. LUCIO provides more light with a very low power consumption. It even lights up via a USB connection of a computer. LUCIO truly brings innovation and functionality everywhere!

Product Spotlight

ACURIA is built with precision which delivers state of the art efficient lighting technology, along with the safest protection against high temperatures, including coolant and lubricant-resistant materials.  The ACURIA can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.  There are multiple sizes to fit all machine requirements.  This powerful machine light includes a simple control and the most seamless integration that guarantees easy installation. The light was designed by the renowned Product Designer, Dominic Schindler, offering the perfect combination with Waldmann’s industrial lighting expertise.