Waldi, Waldmann Lighting's mascot, is visiting Waldmann subsidiaries around the world. He has traveled across 

the ocean to visit our USA office and to see the sights of the great city of Chicago!


Hmmm...where to start!

Chicago is among the largest cities in the U.S. Sitting along Lake Michigan with its beautiful lake shore, it is well-known for its bold architecture, including a striking skyline. With countless museums, theaters and dance companies, and so much more, Chicago has become one of the world’s cultural capitals.  


The Bean, of course!!

Cloud Gate (typically called “The Bean”) is one of the world’s largest outdoor art installations. It sits proudly in the Millennium Park Promenade right in the middle of the city and has quickly become a crowd (as well a wedding portrait) favorite. Inspired by liquid mercury, the highly polished stainless steel plates reflect the city's famous skyline and anything or anyone else that comes into view.

Crown Fountain at        Millenium Park

This is the funniest fountain I’ve ever seen! Two 50-foot glass brick towers face each other and project peoples’ faces making different expressions. At random intervals, the faces pucker up and a big spray of water comes shooting out - on anyone standing around or wading in the huge reflecting pool!

Hey! He looks just like me! Who knew that there was a Waldi in the USA??

Waldmann USA opened its doors in 1982 with just a handful of employees. Many of Waldmann's best have been here from the start and have guided and grown our US office from the ground up. It is widely felt that the key to Waldmann’s success has been ‘the human factor’.

Such a fun and beautiful city!!

Chicago is known for its interesting architecture, blending the old with the new and its beautiful skyline. It is also recognized as a melting pot of cultures where diversity is celebrated.


Next, the Art Institute. I fit right on this lion's paw (don't try this at home)!

 The Art Institute was founded as both a museum and school for the fine arts in 1879 as part of the effort to rebuild the city that had been destroyed by the Great Fire of 1871. The original building, flanked by two famous bronze lions, remains the “front door” of the museum to this day. The famous façade and its more than 300,000 pieces of art helped earn the Art Institute TripAdvisor’s Top Museum in the World Travelers Choice Award in 2014.

Inside the Art Institute

World renowned art by world renowned artists

What a City!

Besides being such a thriving metropolis, Chicago is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. With attractions around every corner, there is a vast array of theatre, music, dining, shopping, and parks, as well as museums, festivals, and a beautiful lake shore that is actually protected, insuring that the preservation of this special space is only used for recreational, cultural, historical, community and aesthetic purposes. Sure looking forward to my next visit to Waldmann USA in the beautiful city of Chicago.